The wait is over!

At long last the most important sculpture of the century has arrived! This highly collectable 3D printed bust of Fred is 6" tall and displays your favorite features of the Fred you know and love. Modeled after the entertaining and adorable real-life personality, known for his humor, fatherly advisement, and leadership.

The Best Head

FredsHead may not contain the brilliance of the original Fred but does include:

  • Signature lazy eye.
  • Freshly trimmed hair.
  • See the Left and Right brain hemispheres looking great!
  • The kindness of his smile.

Your FredsHead and you

Add your FredsHead to any space which is lacking in Fred. Take your Fred on the go. (May or may not fit in your car’s cup holder.)

Ask FredsHead a question:

  • What’s the secret to your BBQ sauce?
  • Can you look this up for me on your iPad?

Use it to entertain and delight:

  • Pairs well with a “multitude” of wines.
  • Excellent accompaniment to relatives, clients, and sports.
  • Bring it with you on the couch for napping.
  • Show it off at your next golfing tournament.

The Original FredsHead

Cm: 9.58w x 14.676d x 11.744h

In: 3.7w x 5.778d x 4.624h

Weight: 180.94g